Phil's  Woodshop

Woodworking is a great hobby. I have been involved with it for many years and have a very nice  well equipped shop in my home basement, some times my wife is a little annoyed with the saw dust but with a good dust collection system it helps a lot. Now I am not a professional or a know it all and I do not intend to be one I know my limitations but over the years I have learned a lot of tricks to get me by. While I enjoy all avenues of woodworking such as crafts for others to finish, small boxes and chest, furniture, antique repair, toys, framing and about any thing you can think of, working with my lathe and turning a verity of woods is my favorite part of the hobby as you will see. Over the years I now have some of my turnings in seven countries.

Thank you for your time. Give me a look and let me know how I am doing.

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